Tankers Built in U.S. During World War II

The T1 type were named after major oil fields in the United States. The T2 types were named after monuments, national parks, forts, battles, historic settlements, trails, lakes, swamps. Later T3 type were built for private companies and named by the company. Many tankers were built for or taken over by the U.S. Navy and named after Native American names of rivers and lakes. The Navy AO designation indicates Fleet Oilers.

Tankers were developed around the turn of the century to carry liquid cargo: gasoline, oil, or molasses. During World War II, American tankers made 6,500 voyages to carry 65 million tons of oil and gasoline from the U.S. and the Caribbean to the war zones and to our Allies. They supplied 80% of the fuel used by bombers, tanks, jeeps and ships during the War.

T2-SE-A1 was the workhorse of the tanker fleet (481 built):

T3-S2-A1 (All became Fleet Oilers and several were converted to Escort Carriers CVE):


T3-M-AZ1 One Motor tanker, Brandywine, was built

A typical tanker crew included 42 to 45 mariners and 17 Navy Armed Guard. The same ship as a Navy Fleet Oiler carried a crew of 250 to 325.

Skeleton deck carrying planes on tankerIn 1943, desperate for cargo capacity, "skeleton decks" about 7 or 8 feet above the deck (to keep the planes out of the waves and to make lashing simpler) were attached to many tankers to carry planes and PT boats.

[Skeleton deck carrying planes on tanker, Mast Magazine, April 1944]

Immediately after Pearl Harbor, when the U.S. declared war on Germany and Japan, the U-Boats arrived on our Atlantic Seaboard. They concentrated on the tanker fleet, knowing how essential fuel was to the war effort. Americans faced rationing of gasoline for their cars and heating oil for their homes, to spare fuel for the war.

Illustration of the SS Mission Purisima


A. C. Rubel, Custom-built
Abatan, T2-SE-A2, AO 92
Abiqua T2-SE-A1
Ackia T2-SE-A1
Aekay, Launched as, T2-A; Completed as Neches AO 47 USN
Agawam, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 6
Albert E. Watts, Custom built
Allagash, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 97 USN
Allatoona, T2-SE-A1
Amacuro, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
America Sun, Custom-built
Amiens, T2-SE-A1
Ammonusuc, T1-M-A2, AOG 23
Amtank, T3-S-BZ1
Anacostia, T2-SE-A2, completed as AO 94 USN; Laid down as Mission Alamo
Androscoggin, T1-M-A2, renamed Sheepscot AOG 24
Antelope Hills, T2-SE-A1
Apache Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Appomattox, T2-SE-A1
Archers Hope, T2-SE-A1
Arickaree, T2-SE-A1
Ash Hollow, T2-SE-A1
Ashtabula, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 51 USN
Atlantic Coast, Custom-built
Atlantic Mariner, T2-SE-A1
Atlantic Ranger, T2-SE-A1
Atlantic Refiner, T2-SE-A1
Atlantic States, Custom-built
Atlantic Sun, Custom-built
Atlantic Trader, T2-SE-A1
Aucilla, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class completed as AO 56 USN
Autossee, T2-SE-A1
Averysboro, T2-SE-A1
Avoca, T1-M-BT1

Baldwin Hills, T2-SE-A1
Ball's Bluff, T2-SE-A1
Bandelier, T2-SE-A1
Barren Hill, T2-SE-A1
Battle Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Battle Rock, T2-SE-A1
Beacon Rock, T2-SE-A1
Bear Paw, T2-SE-A1
Beaver Dam, T2-SE-A1
Beecher Island, T2-SE-A1
Belridge Hills, T2-SE-A1
Bemis Heights, T2-SE-A1
Bennington, T2-SE-A1
Bent's Fort, T2-SE-A1
Benton Field, T1-M-A2
Big Bend T2-SE-A1
Birch Coulie T2-SE-A1
Black Hills T2-SE-A1
Black Jack, T2-SE-A1
Black River T2-SE-A1
Blackstocks Ford, T2-SE-A1
Blackwater, T2-SE-A1
Bladensburg, T2-SE-A1
Bloody Marsh, T2-SE-A1
Blue Licks, T2-SE-A1
Boonesborough, T2-SE-A1
Boundbrook, T2-SE-A1
Bradford Island, T2-SE-A1
Brandy Station, T2-SE-A1
Brandywine (I), completed as Esso Washington, T2-SE-A1
Brandywine (II), T3-M-AZ1
Briar Creek, T2-SE-A1
Brookfield, T2-SE-A1
Bryce Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Buena Vista Hills T2-SE-A1
Buena Vista, T2-SE-A1
Buffalo Wallow, T2-SE-A1
Bulkcrude, T3-S-BF1 Ludwig ship
Bulkero, T3-S-BF1 Ludwig ship
Bulkfuel, T3-S-BF1 Ludwig ship
Bulklube, T3-S-BF1 Ludwig ship
Bulkoil, Custom-built
Bull Run, T2-SE-A1
Bunker Hill, T2-SE-A1
Bushy Run, T2-SE-A1

Cabusto T2-SE-A1
Cacapon, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 52 USN
Cache, launched as Stillwater, USN AO 67, T2-SE-A1
Caddo (I), T2, Merrimmack AO 37 USN
Caddo (II), T2-SE-A1
Cahaba, T2-SE-A2
Cahawba T2-SE-A1
Calamus, T1-M-A2, AOG 25
Caliente, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 53 USN
Callabee, T2-SE-A1
Caloosahatchee, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 98 USN
Calusa (I), T2, completed as Winooski AO 38 USN
Calusa (II), launched as Trenton T2-SE-A1
Camas Meadows, T2-SE-A1
Camp Charlotte, T2-SE-A1
Camp Defiance T2-SE-A1
Camp Namanu, T2-SE-A1
Caney, T2-SE-A2
Canisteo, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 99 USN
Cannon Beach, T2-SE-A1
Cantigny, T2-SE-A1
Canyon Creek, T2-SE-A1
Capitol Reef, T2-SE-A1
Caribbean, T2-SE-A1
Caripito, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Carlantic, Custom-built
Carlsbad, T2-SE-A1
Carnifax Ferry, T2-SE-A1
Casa Grande, T2-SE-A1
Castle Pinckney, T2-SE-A1
Castle's Woods, T2-SE-A1
Catawba Ford, T2-SE-A1
Catawba, T2, completed as Neosho (II) AO 48, USN
Catham, T2-SE-A1
Cayuse, T2-SE-A1
Cedar Breaks, T2-SE-A1
Cedar Creek, T2-SE-A1, AO 138
Cedar Mills, T2-SE-A1
Cedar Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Celilo, T2-SE-A1
Cerro Gordo, T2-SE-A1
Chaco Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Chadd's Ford, T2-SE-A1
Chalmette, T2-SE-A1
Champion's Hill, T2-SE-A1
Champoeg, T2-SE-A1
Chancellorsville, T2-SE-A1
Chantilly, T2-SE-A1
Chapultepec, T2-SE-A1
Charles S. Jones, Custom-built
Charlestown, T2-SE-A1
Chateau-Thierry, T2-SE-A1
Chatterton Hill, T2-SE-A1
Chehalis, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 48 USN
Chemawa, T2-SE-A1
Chemung, T3-S2-A1, laid down as Esso Annapolis (I), AO 30 USN
Chenango, T3-S2-A1, AO 31 USN; built as Esso New Orleans (I); CVE 28
Chepachet, T2-SE-A1, USN AO 78, launched as Eutaw Springs
Cherry Valley T2-SE-A1
Chesapeake Capes, T2-SE-A1
Chestatee, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG48
Chewaucan, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 50 USN
Chicaca, T2-SE-A1
Chickamauga, T2-SE-A1
Chikaskia, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 54 USN
Chipola, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 63 USN
Chisholm Trail, T2-SE-A1
Chiwaukum, T1-M-A2, AOG 26 USN
Chiwawa, T3-S-A1 launched as Samoset (I), AO 68
Choctaw Trail, T2-SE-A1
Chrysler's Field, T2-SE-A1
Chukawan, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 100 USN
Churubusco, T2-SE-A1
Cimarron, T3-S2-A1, AO 22 USN, Cimarron Class
Citadel, T3-S-A1 completed as Niobrara AO 72 USN
Clarke's Wharf, T2-SE-A1
Clearwater, T1-M-A1
Coalinga Hills, T2-SE-A1
Cobble Hill, T2-SE-A1
Cohocton, T2-SE-A3, AO 101
Colina (I) completed as Kankakee AO 39, USN, T2
Colina (II), launched as Guilford, T2-SE-A1
Colorado, Custom built
Conastoga (I), T2, completed as Lackawanna AO 40 USN
Conastoga (II) laid down as, launched as Kings Mountain, completed as Millicoma USN AO 73, T2-SE-A1
Conastoga (III), launched as Hobkirk's Hill (I), T2-SE-A1
Concho, laid down as T2-SE-A3, completed as Mission Santa Ana (II) AO 102, T2-SE-A
Conecuh, laid down as T2-SE-A3, completed as Mission Los Angeles (II) AO 103, T2-SE-A2
Conemaugh, T1-M-A2, AOG 63 USN
Conroe, T1-M-BT1
Contocook, laid down as T2-SE-A3, completed as Mission San Francisco (II), T2-SE-A2
Contreras, T2-SE-A1
Coquille, T2-SE-A1
Corinth, T2-SE-A1
Cornell, T3-S-A1
Corsicana (I), T2, Kennebec AO 36 USN, Kennebec class
Corsicana (II) completed as Pecos USN AO 65, T2-SE-A1
Corvallis, T2-SE-A1
Cossatot USN AO 77, launched as Fort Necessity, T2-SE-A1
Cotton Valley, T1-M-A2
Cottonwood Creek, T2-SE-A1
Coulee Dam, T2-SE-A1
Council Crest, T2-SE-A1
Council Grove, T2-SE-A1
Cowanesque USN AO 79, launched as Fort Duquesne, T2-SE-A1
Cowpens, completed as Saranac USN AO 74, T2-SE-A1
Coxcomb Hill, T2-SE-A1
Coyote Hills, T2-SE-A1
Crater Lake, T2-SE-A1
Cromwell, T1-M-A1
Cross Keys, T2-SE-A1
Crow Wing, T2-SE-A1
Crown Point, T2-SE-A1

Darst Creek
Dartmouth, T3-S-A1, laid down as Esso Portland (I)
Delaware, Custom built
Diamond Island, T2-SE-A1
Dobytown, T2-SE-A1
Dolomite, Custom built, completed as Petroheat
Dominguez Hills, T2-SE-A1
Donbass, Custom built
Donner Lake, T2-SE-A1
Drapers Meadows, T2-SE-A1
Drewry's Bluff, T2-SE-A1
Duquesne, T3-S-A1

E. H. Blum, Custom-built
E. J. Henry, Custom-built
E. W. Sinclair, Custom built
Edge Hill, T2-SE-A1
Egg Harbor, T2-SE-A1
El Caney, T2-SE-A1
El Morro, T2-SE-A1
Elk Basin, T2-SE-A1
Elk Hills, T2-SE-A1
Elkhorn, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 7 USN
Ellkay, Launched as, T2-A; Completed as Monongahela AO 42 USN
Elokomin, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 55 USN
Elwood Hills, T2-SE-A1
Emmkay, launched as; T2-A, completed as Patuxent AO 44 USN
Enoree, T3-S-A1 launched as Sachem (I) AO 69 USN
Eola, T1-M-BT1
Escalante, T3-S-A1 launched as Shabonee (I) AO 70
Escambia, T2-SE-A2, AO 80 USN
Escatawpa, T1-M-A2, AOG 27
Esso Albany (I), T3-S2-A1, launched as; Completed as Sabine AO 25 USN
Esso Albany (II), Custom built
Esso Annapolis (I), T3-S2-A1; Chemung AO 30 USN
Esso Annapolis (II), Custom built
Esso Augusta, Custom built
Esso Buffalo, Custom built
Esso Camden, T2-SE-A1
Esso Columbia (I), T3-S2-A1, completed as Salamonie AO 26 USN
Esso Columbia (II), Custom built
Esso Concord, Custom built
Esso Gettysburg, T2-SE-A1 launched as Gettysburg
Esso Harrisburg, Custom built
Esso Hartford, , Custom built
Esso Little Rock, Custom built
Esso Manhattan, launched as Princeton, T2-SE-A1
Esso Memphis, T2-SE-A1
Esso Montpeller, Custom built
Esso Nashville, Custom built
Esso New Haven, T2-SE-A1
Esso New Orleans (I), T3-S2-A1; Chenango AO 31 USN; CVE 28
Esso New Orleans (II), Custom built
Esso Norfolk, launched as Vincennes, T2-SE-A1
Esso Paterson, launched as Germantown, T2-SE-A1
Esso Philadelphia, Custom built
Esso Pittsburgh, Custom built
Esso Portland (I) T3-S-A1 completed as Dartmouth
Esso Portland (II), T2-SE-A1
Esso Raleigh (I), T3-S2-A1; Guadelope AO 32 USN
Esso Raleigh (II), Custom built
Esso Richmond (I), T3-S2-A1, Kaskaskia AO 27 USN
Esso Richmond (II), Custom built
Esso Roanoke, T2-SE-A1
Esso Rochester, Custom built
Esso Scranton, T2-SE-A1
Esso Springfield, T2-SE-A1
Esso Trenton (I), T3-S2-A1; Sangamon AO 28 USN; CVE 26 USN
Esso Trenton (II), Custom built
Esso Utica, T2-SE-A1
Esso Washington, launched as Brandywine (I), T2-SE-A1
Esso Williamsburg, Custom built
Esso Wilmington, launched as Fort Stanwick, T2-SE-A1
Eutaw Springs, completed as Chepachet USN AO 78, T2-SE-A1
Evans Creek, T2-SE-A1

Fairfax, T2-SE-A1
Fallen Timbers, T2-SE-A1
Fisher's Hill, T2-SE-A1
Five Forks, T2-SE-A1
Flagship Sinco, Custom built
Forbes Road, T2-SE-A1
Fort Bridger, T2-SE-A1
Fort Caspar, T2-SE-A1
Fort Charlotte, T2-SE-A1
Fort Cheswell, T2-SE-A1
Fort Christina, T2-SE-A1
Fort Clatsop, T2-SE-A1
Fort Cornwallis, T2-SE-A1
Fort Cumberland, T2-SE-A1
Fort Dearborn, T2-SE-A1
Fort Donelson, T2-SE-A1
Fort Duquesne, completed as Cowanesque USN AO 79, T2-SE-A1
Fort Erie, T2-SE-A1
Fort Fetterman, T2-SE-A1
Fort Frederica, T2-SE-A1
Fort George, T2-SE-A1
Fort Henry, T2-SE-A1
Fort Hoskins, T2-SE-A1
Fort Jupiter, T2-SE-A1
Fort Lane, T2-SE-A1
Fort Laramie, T2-SE-A1
Fort Lee, T2-SE-A1
Fort Massiac, T2-SE-A1
Fort Matanzas, T2-SE-A1
Fort McHenry, T2-SE-A1
Fort Meigs, T2-SE-A1
Fort Mercer, T2-SE-A2
Fort Mifflin, T2-SE-A2
Fort Mims, T2-SE-A1
Fort Moultrie, T2-SE-A1
Fort Necessity, completed as Cossatot USN AO 77, T2-SE-A1
Fort Niagara, T2-SE-A1
Fort Pitt, T2-SE-A1
Fort Raleigh, T2-SE-A1
Fort Ridgely, T2-SE-A1
Fort Robinson, T2-SE-A1
Fort Schuyler, T2-SE-A1
Fort Stanwick, completed as Esso Wilmington, T2-SE-A1
Fort Stanwix, T2-SE-A1
Fort Stephenson, T2-SE-A1
Fort Stevens, T2-SE-A1
Fort Sumter, T2-SE-A1
Fort Washington, T2-SE-A1
Fort William, T2-SE-A1
Fort Winnebago, T2-SE-A1
Fort Wood, T2-SE-A1
Four Lakes, T2-SE-A1
Fredericksburg, T2-SE-A1
French Creek, T2-SE-A1
Frenchtown, T2-SE-A1
Front Royal, T2-SE-A1
Fruitvale Hills, T2-SE-A1
Fullerton Hills, T2-SE-A1

Gaines Mill, T2-SE-A1
Genesee, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 8 USN
Georgia, Custom built
Germantown, completed as Esso Paterson, T2-SE-A1
Gervais, T2-SE-A1
Gettysburg completed as Esso Gettysburg, T2-SE-A1
Glacier Park, T2-SE-A1
Glen Pool, T1-M-A1
Glenn's Ferry, T2-SE-A1
Glorieta, T2-SE-A1
Gold Creek, T2-SE-A1
Golden Hill, T2-SE-A1
Golden Meadow, T1-M-A1
Government Camp, T2-SE-A1
Grand Mesa, T2-SE-A1
Grand River, T2-SE-A1
Grand Teton, T2-SE-A1
Grande Ronde, T2-SE-A1
Grants Pass, T2-SE-A1
Grays Harbor, T2-SE-A1
Great Meadows, T2-SE-A1
Groveton, T2-SE-A1
Guadelupe, T3-S2-A1, AO 32 USN; built as Esso Raleigh (I)
Gualala, T1-M-A2, AOG 28
Guarico, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Guilford, completed as Colina (II), T2-SE-A1
Guiria, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Gulf Caribbean, Custom-built
Gulf Maracaibo, Custom-built
Gulfamerica, Custom-built
Gulfport, Custom-built
Gurney E. Newlin, Custom built

H. D. Collier, T2-SE-A2
Hadley, T2-SE-A1
Halls of Montezuma, T2-SE-A1
Hammerfest, T2-SE-A1
Hampton Roads, Custom built
Hanging Rock, T2-SE-A1
Harlem Heights, completed as USN AO 49 Suamico, T2-SE-A1
Harpers Ferry, T2-SE-A1
Hat Creek, T2-SE-A1
Hegra, T2-SE-A1
Heron's Bridge, T2-SE-A1
Heyser, T1-M-A2
Hiwassee, T1-M-A2, AOG 29
Hobkirk's Hill (I), completed as Conastoga (III), T2-SE-A1
Hobkirk's Hill (II), T2-SE-A1
Homestead, T2-SE-A1
Honey Hill, T2-SE-A1
Honningsvaag, T2-SE-A1
Hood River, T2-SE-A1
Horseshoe, T2-SE-A1
Hovenweep, T2-SE-A1
Hubbardton, T2-SE-A1
Huntingdon Hills, T2-SE-A1

Idaho Falls, T2-SE-A1
Indiana, Custom built
Inglewood Hills, T2-SE-A1

J. H. MacGaregill, T2-SE-A2
J. H. Tuttle, Custom built
J. L. Hanna, T2-SE-A1
Jack Carnes, Custom built
Jacksonville, T2-SE-A1
Jalapa, T2-SE-A1
James Island, T2-SE-A1
Jennings, T1-M-A1
John D. Gill, Custom-built
Jordan Valley, T2-SE-A1
Jorkay, T2-A, completed as USN Tappahanock AO 43 USN
Joshua Tree, T2-SE-A1
Julesburg, T2-SE-A1

Kalamazoo, T1-M-A2, AOG 30
Kalkay, T2-A, lauched as; Completed as Mattaponi AO 41 USN , Mattaponi class
Kanawha, T1-M-A2, AOG 31
Kankakee, T2, AO 39 USN; Launched as Colina (I)
Kaposia, T2-SE-A1
Karsten Wang, T2-SE-A1
Kaskaskia, T3-S2-A1, AO 27 USN, built as Esso Richmond (I)
Kathio, T2-SE-A1
Kenesaw Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Kennebago, T2-SE-A2, AO 81 USN
Kennebec, T2, AO 36 USN; Completed as Corsicana (I), Kennebec class
Kentucky, Custom built
Kern Hills, T2-SE-A1
Kernstown, T2-SE-A1
Kettle Creek, T2-SE-A1
Kettleman Hills, T2-SE-A1
Kiamichi, T1-M-BT1, AOG 73, Not aquired
Kings Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Kings Mountain, launched as, laid down as Conastoga (II), completed as Millicoma USN AO 73, T2-SE-A1
Kishwaukee, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 9 USN
Kittanning, T2-SE-A1
Klamath Falls, T2-SE-A1
Klaskanine, T1-M-A2, AOG 62 USN
Klickitat, T1-M-BT1, AOG 64

L. P. St. Clair, Custom built
La Brea Hills, T2-SE-A1
La Mesa, T2-SE-A1
Lackawanna, T2, AO 40 USN; Launched as Conastoga (I)
Lackawapan, T2-SE-A2, AO 82 USN
Lake Champlain, T2-SE-A1
Lake Charles, T3-S2-A1
Lake Erie, T2-SE-A1
Lake George, T2-SE-A1
Laurel Hill, T2-SE-A1
Little Big Horn, T2-SE-A1
Little Butte, T2-SE-A1
Logan's Fort, T2-SE-A1
Loma Novia
Lone Jack, T2-SE-A1
Lookout Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Lost Hills, T2-SE-A1
Louden, T1-M-BT1
Louisburg completed as Schuykill USN AO 76, T2-SE-A1
Luling, T1-M-A2
Lundy's Lane, T2-SE-A1
Lyon's Creek, T2-SE-A1

M. E. Lombardi, Custom built
Malvern Hill, T2-SE-A1
Manassas, T2-SE-A1
Manatee, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 58 USN
Mannington, T1-M-A1
Manokin, T1-M-A2, Completed as AOG 60 USN; laid down as Rodessa
Maquoketa, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 51 USN
Mara, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Marias, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 57 USN
Maricopa, T3-S2-A1
Marin Hills, T2-SE-A1
Markay (I), T3-S2-A1, Suwanee AO 33 USN; CVE 27 USN
Markay (II), Custom-built
Marne, T2-SE-A1
Marquette, T3-S-A1 completed as Neshanic AO 71 USN
Mascoma, T2-SE-A2, AO 83 USN
Mattabesset, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 52 USN
Mattaponi, T2-A, Completed as AO 41 USN; Launched as Kalkay, Mattaponi class
Mauvilla, T2-SE-A1
McClellan Creek, T2-SE-A1
McDowell, T2-SE-A1
McKittrick Hills, T2-SE-A1
Meacham, T2-SE-A1
Mechanicsville, T2-SE-A1
Merrimmack, T2, AO 37 USN , built as Caddo (I)
Mesa Verde, T2-SE-A1
Meuse-Argonne, T2-SE-A1
Mexia, T1-M-BT1
Michigamme, T1-M-BT1, AOG 65
Midway Hills, T2-SE-A1
Mill Spring, T2-SE-A1
Millicoma USN AO 73, completed as; Laid down as Conastoga (II), launched as Kings Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Mispillion, T3-S2-A3, AO 105 USN, Mispillion Class
Mission Alamo, T2-SE-A2, laid down as; Completed as Anacostia AO 94 USN
Mission Buenaventura, T2-SE-A2, AO 111 USN
Mission Capistrano, T2-SE-A2, AO 112 USN
Mission Carmel, T2-SE-A2, AO 113 USN
Mission De Pala, T2-SE-A2, AO 114 USN
Mission Dolores, T2-SE-A2, AO 115 USN
Mission Loreto, T2-SE-A2, AO 116 USN
Mission Los Angeles (I), T2-SE-A2, laid down as; Completed as Caney AO 95 USN
Mission Los Angeles (II) AO 103, T2-SE-A2; laid down as Conecuh, T2-SE-A3; AO 116 USN
Mission Purisima, T2-SE-A2, AO 118 USN
Mission San Antonio, T2-SE-A2, AO 119 USN
Mission San Carlos, T2-SE-A2, AO 120 USN
Mission San Diego, T2-SE-A2, AO 121 USN
Mission San Fernando, T2-SE-A2, AO 122 USN
Mission San Francisco (I), T2-SE-A2, laid down as; Completed as Tamalpais AO 96 USN
Mission San Francisco (II) AO 104, T2-SE-A2, laid down as Contocook, T2-SE-A3
Mission San Gabriel, T2-SE-A2, AO 124 USN
Mission San Jose, T2-SE-A2, AO 125 USN
Mission San Juan, T2-SE-A2, AO 126 USN
Mission San Lorenzo, T2-SE-A2
Mission San Luis Obispo , T2-SE-A2, AO 127 USN
Mission San Luis Rey, T2-SE-A2, AO 128 USN
Mission San Miguel, T2-SE-A2, AO 129 USN
Mission San Rafael, T2-SE-A2, AO 130 USN
Mission San Xavier, T2-SE-A2
Mission Santa Ana (I), T2-SE-A Laid down as; Completed as Soubarissen AO 93 USN
Mission Santa Ana (II) AO 102, T2-SE-A; laid down as Concho, T2-SE-A3; AO 137 USN
Mission Santa Barbara , T2-SE-A2, AO 131 USN
Mission Santa Clara, T2-SE-A2, AO 132 USN
Mission Santa Cruz, T2-SE-A2, AO 133 USN
Mission Santa Maria, T2-SE-A2
Mission Santa Ynez, T2-SE-A2, AO 134 USN
Mission Solano, T2-SE-A2, AO 135 USN
Mission Soledad, T2-SE-A2, AO 136 USN
Missionary Ridge, T2-SE-A1
Mississinewa, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 59 USN
Mobile Bay, T2-SE-A1
Mobilfuel, Custom built
Mobilight, Custom built
Mobiloil, Custom built
Mobilube, Custom built
Moccasin Gap, T2-SE-A1
Modoc Point, T2-SE-A1
Molino del Rey, T2-SE-A1
Monmouth T2-SE-A1
Monocacy, T2-SE-A1
Monongahela, T2-A, Completed as AO 42 USN; Launched as Ellkay
Montana, Custom built
Montebello Hills, T2-SE-A1
Montezuma Castle, T2-SE-A1
Moor's Fields, T2-SE-A1
Muir Woods, T2-SE-A1, AO 139 USN
Multnomah, T2-SE-A1
Murfreesboro T2-SE-A1
Musgrove Mills, T2-SE-A1

Namakagon, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 53 USN
Nantahala, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 60 USN
Nanticoke, T1-M-BT1, AOG 66
Narraguagas, T1-M-A2, AOG 32
Nashbulk, T3-S-BZ1
Natchaug, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 54 USN
Navasota, T2-S2-A3, AO 106 USN
Neches, T2-A, completed as, AO 47 USN; Launched as Aekay
Nehalem, T2-SE-A1
Nemasket, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 10 USN
Neosho (I), T3-S2-A1, AO 23 USN
Neosho (II) T2, AO 48, USN; Launched as Catawba
Neshanic, T3-S-A1 launched as Marquette AO 71 USN
Nespelen, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 55 USN
New Echota, T2-SE-A1
New Hope, T2-SE-A1
New London, T2-SE-A1
New Market, T2-SE-A1
Newberg, T2-SE-A1
Newhall Hills, T2-SE-A1
Newtown, completed as Saugatuck USN AO 75, T2-SE-A1
Nickajack Trail, T2-SE-A1
Ninety-Six, T2-SE-A1
Niobrara, T3-S-A1 launched as Citadel AO 72 USN
Nodaway, T1-M-BT1, AOG 67, Not aquired
Nordahl Grieg, T2-SE-A1
North Point, T2-SE-A1
Northfield, T2-SE-A1
Noxubee, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 56 USN

Occidental, T3-S-A1
Ochlockonee, T1-M-A2, AOG 33
Oconee, T1-M-A2, AOG 34
Ocklahawa, T2-SE-A2, AO 84 USN
Oconee, T1-M-A2
Ogeechee, T1-M-A2, AOG 35
Ohio, Custom built
Oklahoma, Custom built
Old Ocean, T1-M-A2, laid down as; Completed as Sakonnet AOG 61 USN
Ontonagon, T1-M-A2, AOG 36
Opequon, T2-SE-A1
Orchard Knob, T2-SE-A1
Oregon Trail, T2-SE-A1
Owyhee, T2-SE-A1

Palo Alto, T2-SE-A1
Palo Duro, T2-SE-A1
Paloma Hills, T2-SE-A1
Pamanset, T2-SE-A2, AO 85 USN
Pan-Massachusetts, Custom built
Pan-Pennsylvania (I) completed as Petrofuel, Custom built
Pan-Pennsylvania (II)
Pan-Rhode Island, Custom built
Paoli, T2-SE-A1
Pasig, T2-SE-A2, AO 91 USN
Passumpsic, T3-S2-A3, AO 107 USN
Patapsco, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 1 USN
Patrick J. Hurley, Custom built
Patuxent, T2-A, completed as AO 44 USN; launched as Emmkay
Paul M. Gregg, Custom built
Paulus Hook, T2-SE-A1
Pawcatuck, T2-S2-A3, AO 108 USN
Pawnee Rock, T2-SE-A1
Pecatonica, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 57 USN
Peconic, T1-M-BT1, AOG 68
Pecos, T2-SE-A1 USN AO 65, launched as Corsicana (II)
Pendleton, T2-SE-A1
Pequot Hill, T2-SE-A1
Perote, T2-SE-A1
Perryville, T2-SE-A1
Petaluma, T1-M-BT1, AOG 69, Not aquired
Petersburg, T2-SE-A1
Petrofuel, launched as Pan-Pennsylvania (I), Custom built
Petroheat, Custom built launched as Dolomite
Phantom Hill, T2-SE-A1
Phoenix, T3-S-BF1
Pilot Butte, T2-SE-A1
Pine Bluff, T2-SE-A1
Pine Ridge, T2-SE-A1
Pinnacles, T2-SE-A1
Pinnebog, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 58 USN
Pioneer Valley, T2-SE-A1, AO 140 USN
Pipe Spring, T2-SE-A1
Piqua, T2-SE-A1
Piscataqua, T1-M-BT1, AOG 70, Not aquired
Pit River, T2-SE-A1
Placedo, T1-M-BT2
Platt Park, T2-SE-A1
Platte, T3-S2-A1, AO 24 USN
Platte Bridge, T2-SE-A1
Plattsburg, T2-SE-A1
Pocket Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Point Pleasant, T2-SE-A1
Ponaganset, T2-SE-A2, AO 86 USN
Ponchatoula, T1-M-A2, AOG 38
Port Republic, T2-SE-A1
Port Royal, T2-SE-A1
Potrero Hills, T2-SE-A1
Powder River, T2-SE-A1
Prairie Grove, T2-SE-A1
Princeton, completed as Esso Manhattan, T2-SE-A1
Pueblo, T2-SE-A1
Puente Hills, T2-SE-A1
Pulpit Rock, T2-SE-A1
Pure Oil, T3-S2-A1

Quaker Hill, T2-SE-A1
Quastinet, T1-M-A2, AOG 39
Quebec, T2-SE-A1
Queenston Heights, T2-SE-A1
Quemado Lake, T2-SE-A1
Quinnebaug, T1-M-BT1, AOG 71, Not aquired

R. C. Stoner, Custom built
Rainier, T2-SE-A1
Rappahannock, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 2 USN
Raton Pass, T2-SE-A1
Red Bank, T2-SE-A1
Red Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Redstone, T2-SE-A1
Rich Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Ridgefield, T2-SE-A1
Rincon Hills, T2-SE-A1
Rio Bravo
Rio Grande, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 3 USN
River Raisin, T2-SE-A1
Robert C. Tuttle, Custom-built
Rock Landing, T2-SE-A1
Rodessa, T1-M-A2, laid down as; Completed as Manokin AOG 60 USN
Rogue River, T2-SE-A1
Rosebud, T2-SE-A1
Roxbury Hill, T2-SE-A1
Royal Oak, T2-SE-A1
Rum River, T2-SE-A1
Rye Cove, T2-SE-A1

Sabine, T3-S2-A1, completed as AO 25 USN; launched as Esso Albany (I)
Sabine Sun, Custom built
Sacandaga, T1-M-A2, AOG 40
Sachem (I), T3-S-A1 completed as Enoree AO 69 USN
Sachem (II), T2-SE-A1
Sackett's Harbor, T2-SE-A1
Sag Harbor, T2-SE-A1
Saguaro, T2-SE-A1
Saint Croix
Saint Mihiel
Sakonnet, T1-M-A2, Completed as AOG 61 USN; Laid down as Old Ocean
Salamonie, T3-S2-A1, laid down as Esso Columbia (I), AO 26 USN
Salem Maritime, T2-SE-A1
Salmon Falls, T2-SE-A1
Salt Creek
Salt Flat
Samoset (I), T3-S-A1 completed as Chiwawa AO 68 USN
Samoset (II)
San Antonio, T2-SE-A1
San Cristobal, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
San Joaquin, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
San Juan Hill, T2-SE-A1
San Pasqual, T2-SE-A1
San Saba
Sandy Creek, T2-SE-A1
Sandy Lake, T2-SE-A1
Sangamon T3-S2-A1, Esso Trenton (I), AO 28; CVE 26 USN
Santa Fe Hills, T2-SE-A1
Santa Maria Hills, T2-SE-A1
Santa Paula, T2-SE-A1
Santee, T3-S2-A1, AO 29 USN, built as Seakay (I); CVE 29 USN
Santiago, T2-SE-A1
Sappa Creek, T2-SE-A1, AO 141 USN
Saranac, T2-SE-A1, AO 74 USN, laid down as Cowpens
Saugatuck USN AO 75, launched as Newtown, T2-SE-A1
Schenectady , T2-SE-A1
Schuylkill USN AO 76, launched as Louisburg, T2-SE-A1
Scotts Bluff, T2-SE-A1
Seakay (I), T3-S2-A1; Santee AO 29 USN; CVE 29 USN
Seakay (II), Custom-built
Sebasticook, T1-M-BT1, AOG 72, Not aquired
Sebec, T2-SE-A2, AO 87 USN
Sedan, T2-SE-A1
Seneca Castle, T2-SE-A1
Seven Pines, T2-SE-A1
Seven Sisters
Severn, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 61 USN
Shabonee (I), T3-S-A1 completed as Escalante AO 70 USN
Shabonee (II), T3-S-A1
Sharpsburg, T2-SE-A1
Shawnee Trail, T2-SE-A1, AO 142 USN
Sheldon Clark, Custom built
Shiloh, T2-SE-A1
Sideling Hill, T2-SE-A1
Signal Hills, T2-SE-A1
Silver Creek, T2-SE-A1
Silverpeak, T2-SE-A1
Sinclair H-C, Custom built
Sinclair Opaline, Custom built
Sinclair Rubilene, Custom built
Sinclair Superflame, Custom built
Skull Bar, T2-SE-A1
Smoky Hill, T2-SE-A1
Snake River, T2-SE-A1
Somme, T2-SE-A1
Soubarissen, T2-SE-A, Completed as AO 93 USN; Laid down as Mission Santa Ana (I)
South Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Sparrows Point
Spirit Lake, T2-SE-A1
Spottsylvania, T2-SE-A1
Spring Hill, T2-SE-A1
St. Mary's
Stanvac Calcutta (I), Custom built
Stanvac Calcutta (II), Custom built
Stanvac Cape Town, Custom built
Stanvac Manila, Custom built
Stanvac Melbourne, Custom built
Stanvac Palembang (I), Custom built
Stanvac Palembang (II), Custom built
Stanvac Wellington, Custom built
Steens Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Stillwater completed as USN AO 67 Cache, T2-SE-A1
Stones River, T2-SE-A1
Stony Creek, T2-SE-A1
Stony Point, T2-SE-A1
Suamico,T2-SE-A1, AO 49 USN, launched as Harlem Heights
Sullys Hill, T2-SE-A1
Sulphur Bluff
Sunset Hills, T2-SE-A1
Sunset, T2-SE-A1
Susquehanna, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 5 USN
Suwanee, T3-S2-A1, AO 33 USN, built as Markay (I); CVE 27 USN
Swan Island, T2-SE-A1
Sweetwater, T2-SE-A1
Syosset, T3-S2-A1

Table Rock, T2-SE-A1
Tallulah USN AO 50, launched as Valley Forge, T2-SE-A1
Taluga, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 62 USN
Tamalpais AO 96 USN, T2-SE-A2, laid down as Mission San Francisco (I)
Tampico, T2-SE-A1
Tancred, T1-M-BT2
Tandora, T1-M-BT2
Tannadice, T1-M-BT2
Tannaquil, T1-M-BT2
Tanova, T1-M-BT2
Tantallon, T1-M-BT2
Tappahannock, T2-A, AO 43 USN, completed as; Launched as Jorkay
Tarantella, T1-M-BT2
Tarascon, T1-M-BT2
Tarauca, T1-M-BT2
Tarcoola, T1-M-BT2, renamed Nodaway AOG 78
Tarentum, T1-M-A1
Tarlac, T1-M-BT2
Tarland, T1-M-BT2, renamed Rincon AOG 77
Tarleton, T1-M-BT2
Tarogle, T1-M-BT2
Tartary, T1-M-BT2
Tarves, T1-M-BT2
Tavern, T1-M-BT2
Taverton, T1-M-BT2
Taveta, T1-M-BT2
Tavispan, T1-M-BT2
Tellico, T1-M-BT1, AOG 74, Not aquired
Temblador, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Tetonkaha, T1-M-A2, AOG 41 USN
The Cabins, T2-SE-A1
The Cottonwoods, T2-SE-A1
The Dalles,T2-SE-A1
The Yakima, T2-SE-A1
Ticonderoga, T2-SE-A1
Tillamook, T2-SE-A1
Titusville, T1-M-A1
Tolovana, T3-S2-A1 Ashtabula class, completed as AO 64 USN
Tomahawk, T2-SE-A2, AO 88 USN
Tombigbee, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 11 USN
Tongue River, T1-M-A1
Tonkawa, T1-M-A1
Tonto, T2-SE-A1
Torrance Hills, T2-SE-A1
Touchet, T2-SE-A1
Towaliga, T1-M-A2, AOG 42 USN
Trailblazer, T2-SE-A1
Trenton, competed as Calusa (II), T2-SE-A1
Trevilian, T2-SE-A1
Trimble's Ford, T2-SE-A2
Truckee, T1-M-BT1, AOG 75, Not aquired
Trujillo, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Tularosa, T1-M-A2, AOG 43 USN
Tule Canyon, T2-SE-A1
Tullahoma, T2-SE-A1
Tumacacori, T2-SE-A1
Tuolumne Meadows, T2-SE-A1
Turkey Island, T2-SE-A1
Turner's Gap, T2-SE-A1

Umatilla, T2-SE-A1

Valera, Custom-built Lake Maracaibo type
Valley Forge completed as Tallulah USN AO 50, T2-SE-A1
Valverde, T2-SE-A1
Ventura Hills, T2-SE-A1
Vera Cruz, T2-SE-A1
Verendrye, T2-SE-A1
Vicksburg, T2-SE-A1
Victor H. Kelly, Custom built
Victory Loan, T2-SE-A1
Ville Platte
Vincennes completed as Esso Norfolk, T2-SE-A1
Virginia (I), Custom built
Virginia (II), Custom built

W. C. Yeager, Custom-built
W. H. Ferguson, Custom-built
W. L. R. Emmet, T2-SE-A1
Wabash, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 4 USN
Waccamaw, T3-S2-A3, AO 109 USN
Wacissa, T1-MT-M1 Patapsco class AOG 59 USN
Wagon Box, T2-SE-A1
Wagon Mound, T2-SE-A1
Wahoo Swamp, T2-SE-A1
Wakulla, T1-M-A2, AOG 44
Wallowa, T2-SE-A1
Walnut Bend, T1-M-A2
War Bonnet,T2-SE-A1
Warrior Point,T2-SE-A1
Washita, T2-SE-A1
Wauhatchie, T2-SE-A1
Waupaca, T1-M-A2, AOG 46
Waxhaws, T2-SE-A1
Wellesley, T3-S-A1
West Ranch, T1-M-BT1
Wheeler Hills, T2-SE-A1
White Bird Canyon, T2-SE-A1
White Castle, T1-M-BT1
White Oak, T2-SE-A1
White Plains, T2-SE-A1
White River, T2-SE-A1
White Sands, T2-SE-A1
Whitehorse, T2-SE-A1
Whittier Hills, T2-SE-A1
William C. McTarnahan, Custom built
Williamsburg, T2-SE-A1
Wilson's Creek, T2-SE-A1
Winchester, T2-SE-A1
Winooski, T2, AO 38 USN, launched as Calusa (I)
Winter Hill, T2-SE-A1
Wolf Creek, T2-SE-A1
Wolf Mountain, T2-SE-A1
Wood Lake, T2-SE-A1
Wyoming Valley, T2-SE-A1

YOG 47, T1-M-A1
YOG 48, T1-M-A1
YOG 49, T1-M-A2
YOG 50, T1-M-A2
YOG 51, T1-M-BT1
YOG 52, T1-M-BT1
Yacona, T1-M-A2, AOG 45
Yahara, T1-M-A2, AOG 37
Yamhill, T2-SE-A1
Yellow Tavern, T2-SE-A1
York, T2-SE-A1

Zenith, T1-M-BT2

The T2 Tanker Page has information about shipyard, dates, etc.

Source: Victory ships and tankers; the history of the "Victory" type cargo ships and of the tankers built in the United States of America during World War II, by L. A. Sawyer and W. H. Mitchell. Cornell Maritime Press, Cambridge, Md.,1974. [This book gives name and configurations changes, date scrapped, etc.]

Men and Ships in WW2


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