Copies of correspondence between Admiral Emory S. Land, Chairman of the Maritime Commission and Administrator of the War Shipping Administration, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Robert P. Patterson, Acting Secretary of War.

Authorized issuance of military medals to the U.S. Merchant Marine. Affirmed that the U.S. Merchant Marine was an Armed Force.


Memo from Admiral Land to President, February 3, 1943:
Land to FDR memo

Memo from Admiral Land to President's Press Secretary, February 3, 1943:

Memo land to Early

Memo from FDR to Admiral Land, February 16, 1943:

Memo FDR to Land

Memo from Acting Secretary of War to FDR, March 4, 1943
and FDR's reply:

Patterson to FDR

Franklin D. Roosevelt Message to the Fighting Men of the Merchant Marine,
Christmas 1943
BAMS [Broadcast Allied Merchant Ships] from the President of the United States-251503Z

Text of Message

Radio message from Roosevelt to ships


Wartime Memos: U.S. Merchant Marine an Armed Force
President Franklin D. Roosevelt Christmas Message
President Franklin D. Roosevelt Speeches & Statements

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