Mariners Speak About
Seamen's Bill of Rights

Cornelius J. Duffy, 17, Scotch Plains, NJ

Cornelius Duffy After I finish high school I'd like to go to college so I could teach mathematics. I won't be able to do that unless Congress gives us the Seamen's Bill of Rights.

Arthur Ziagos, 16, Linden, NJ

Arthur Ziagos If a seaman gets killed ... Admiral Land wants to give the seaman's family regular payments after the $5,000 runs out... I want to go back to school...


Merle Milton, 16, Connersville, IN

Merle Milton I'm planning to stay at sea... I want to go to officers' school... maybe I'll get a master's license
...look at Captain Hugh Mulzac on the SS Booker T. Washington.

John S. Robinson, 28, Pitcairn, PA

John S. Robinson I'm planning to buy about 10 acres and raise chickens. Under the Seamen's Bill of Rights the government would loan me some money to do that... my family would have medical care...

Mariners received no government help in finishing their education or starting a samll business.