United States Maritime Commission C2 Type Ships

The C2 types were designed by the United States Maritime Commission in 1937-38 They were all-purpose cargo ships with 5 holds. 173 were built between 1940 and 1945. The first C2's were 459 feet long, 63 feet broad, 40 feet depth, 25 foot draft. Speed 15.5 knots. Later ships varied in size. The configurations were:

C2 (19 ships built 6,100 Gross tons)

C2-F (7 ships built 6,440 Gross tons)

C2-G (2 ships built 8,380 Gross tons)

C2-S (5 ships built 7,101 Gross tons)

C2-S-A1 (4 ships built by 6,555 Gross tons)

C2-S1-A1 (3 ships built 7,486 Gross tons used C3 turbine with 9,350 shp, 20 knots)

C2-S-AJ1 (64 ships built 8,335 Gross tons)

C2-S-AJ2 (5 ships built 8,290 Gross tons)

C2-S-AJ3 (32 ships built 8,160 Gross tons)

C2-S-AJ4 (6 ships built 8,328 Gross tons)

C2-S-AJ5 (10 ships built 8,295 Gross tons)

C2-S-E1 (30 ships built 6,190 Gross tons)

C2-SU (3 ships built 7,780 Gross tons)

C2-S-B1 (R) (6 turbine refrigerated ships built 7,989 Gross tons)

C2-S-B1 (32 ships built by Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock, Kearny NJ and 81 by Moore Drydock, Oakland CA, 10 ships built by Consolidated Steel Corporation, Wilmington CA, 6,230 Gross tons)

C2-S1-DG2 (3 ships built 8,610 Gross tons)

C2-T (3 ships built)

The first C2's completed were the motor vessel SS Donald McKay, launched June 1939 at the Sun Yards in Chester, Pennsylvania and the steam turbine Challenge built by Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock, Kearny, New Jersey. Many of the early C2's were named after Clipper ships, including Flying Cloud, Glory of the Seas, Wea Witch, and Westward Ho.

Maritime Commission Ships

Photograph and Cross Section of C2 Freighter (C2-S-B1 type)

Photograph of C2 Freighter

In this post-war photo the Company markings were digitally removed. Original photo from Merchant ships of World War II - A Post War Album, Victor Young, Shropshire, England:Shipping Books, 1996

Cross Section of C2 Freighter

Cross section is from From America to United States: The History of the long-range Merchant shipbuilding Programme of the Unites States Maritime Commission (1937-1952 ) Part 2, L.A. Sawyer and W.H.Mitchell London: World Ship Society, 1981

We have listed only the names used by U.S. Maritime Commission or U.S. Navy during 1939 to 1946. Some ships had additional names which are not given here. If a ship has had more than one name, the entry is under the first name used. Use the search command in your browser to help find a particular ship's name.



Achernar, USN AKA 53, C2-S-B1
Adirondack (II) completed as USN AGC 15, C2-S-AJ1
Afoundria (I) laid down as, completed as Wayne USN AP 99, C2-S-E1
Afoundria (II), C2-S-E1
African Dawn, C2-S-B1
African Star (I), C2-S-B1
African Sun, C2-S-B1
Akutan completed as USN AE 13, Navy type C2
Alamance completed as USN AKA ?, C2-S-AJ3
Alcoa Corsair, laid down as, completed as Pinkney USN APH 2, C2-S1-A1
Alcoa Courier, laid down as, completed as Tryon USN APH 1, C2-S1-A1
Alcoa Cruiser, laid down as, completed as Rixey USN APH 3, C2-S1-A1
Alden Besse, C2-S-AJ1
Alshain, USN AKA 55, C2-S-B1
American Banker (III), C2-S-AJ1
American Clipper, C2-S-AJ5
American Farmer (III), C2-S-AJ1
American Forwarder, C2-S-AJ5
American Importer, C2-S-AJ5
American Merchant (II), C2-S-AJ5
American Ranger, C2-S-AJ1
American Scout, C2-S-AJ5
American Shipper (III), C2-S-AJ5
American Traveler, C2-S-AJ5
Andrew Jackson, C2-S-E1
Andromeda, USN AK 64, C2-S-B1
Ann McKim, C2-S-B1
Antinous (I) completed as Baxter USN APA 94, C2-S-E1
Antinous (II), C2-S-E1
Appalachian, USN AGC 1, C2-S-B1
Aquarius, USN AK 65, C2-S-B1
Archer, C2-S-B1
Argonaut, C2-S-B1
Asterion, C2-S-B1
Azalea City, C2-S-E1

Bald Eagle, C2-S-B1 (R)
Belle of the West, C2-S-B1
Bienville, C2-S-E1
Black Prince, laid down as, completed as Warrick USN AKA 89, C2-S-B1
Black Warrior, C2-S-AJ1
Blue Jacket, C2-S-B1 (R)
Blue Ridge, USN AGC 2, C2-S-B1

Canvasback, C2-S-AJ1
Carrier Dove, C2-S-B1
Carrier Pigeon, C2-S-B1
Caswell completed as USN AKA 72, C2-S-AJ3
Catoctin, completed as USN AGC 5; laid down as Mary Whitridge C2-S-B1
Celestial, C2-S-B1
Centaurus, USN AK 66, C2-S-B1
Cepheus, USN AK 67, C2-S-B1
Challenge, renamed Castor USN AKS 1, C2
Chara, USN AKA 58, C2-S-B1
Charles Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
China Mail (I), renamed Empire Peregrine, Ocean Mail, C2-SU
City of Alma, C2-S-E1
Comet (I) renamed Pollux USN AKS 2, C2
Comet (II) laid down as, completed as Shasta USN AE 6, C2-T
Comet (III), C2-S-B1
Coringa, C2-S-B1
Courser, C2-S-AJ1
Crest of the Wave, C2-S-B1
Cyclone laid down as, completed as Mount McKinley USN AGC 7, C2-S-AJ1

Dashing Wave, C2-S-B1
De Soto, C2-S-E1
Defender, C2-S-AJ5
Defiance, C2-S-B1
Delaires, C2-F
Delalba, laid down as, completed as Oberon USN AK 56, C2-F
Delsantos, renamed Thurston USN AP 77, C2-F
Diamond Head completed as USN AE 19, C2-S-AJ1
Dick Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
Diphda, USN AKA 59, C2-S-B1
Donald McKay, renamed Polaris USN AF 11, C2
Duplin completed as USN AKA 87, C2-S-AJ3

Eagle Wing, C2-S-B1
Eclipse, laid down as, completed as Mount Olympus USN AGC 8, C2-S-AJ1
Elizabeth Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
Exanthia, C2-S-A1
Exceller, C2-S-A1
Exiria, C2-S-A1
Expounder, laid down as, completed as Wild Hunter, C2-S-B1
Extavia, Empire Oriole, C2-S-A1

Fairisle, C2-S-E1
Fairland, C2-S-E1
Fairport (I), C2-S-E1
Fairport (II), C2-S-E1
Fairwind, C2-S-AJ1
Fleetwing, laid down as, completed as Wasatch USN AGC 9, C2-S-AJ1
Flyaway, C2-S-B1
Flying Arrow, C2-S-B1
Flying Cloud (I), renamed: Santa Catalina, Jupiter USN AK 43, C2
Flying Cloud (II), C2-S-B1
Flying Eagle, C2-S-AJ1
Flying Fish, renamed Mormacswan, C2
Flying Mist, C2-S-B1
Flying Scud, C2-S-B1 (R)
Flying Yankee, C2-S-B1

Game Cock, laid down as, completed as Vesuvius USN AE 15, C2-S-AJ1
Gauntlet, C2-S-B1
Golden City, USN AP 169, C2-S-B1
Golden Eagle, C2-S-B1 (R)
Golden Fleece, C2-S-AJ1
Golden Gate, C2-S-B1
Golden Light, C2-S-B1
Golden Racer, C2-S-B1
Golden West, C2-S-B1
Great Republic, C2-S-B1 (R)
Great Sitkin completed as USN AE 17, C2-S-AJ1

Harry Culbreath (I), laid down as, completed as Titania USN AK 55, C2-F
Harry Culbreath (II), C2-S-AJ1
Hastings, C2-S-E1
Herald of the Morning, USN AP 173, C2-S-B1
Highflyer, C2-S-B1 [Destroyed in Texas City explosion April 1947]
Hotspur, renamed La Salle USN AP 102, C2-S-B1
Hurricane, C2-S-B1

Iberville (I) renamed Sumter USN AP 97, reclassified APA 52, C2-S-E1
Iberville (II) completed as Hyades USN AF 28, C2-S-E1
Iberville (III), C2-S-E1
Island Mail, C2-SU

James Baines, laid down as, completed as Algol USN AKA 54, C2-S-B1
Japan Mail, laid down as, completed as China Mail (II), C2-SU
Jean Lafitte (I) renamed Warren USN AP 98 reclassified APA 53, C2-S-E1
Jean Lafitte (II), C2-S-E1
Jean Lykes (I), renamed Libra USN AK 53, C2-F
John B. Waterman, C2-S-E1
John Land, C2-S-B1

Kathay, laid down as, completed as Auburn USN AGC 10, C2-S-AJ1
Kendall Fish, C2-S-AJ1
Kenneth McKay, C2-S-AJ1
Kyska, C2-S-E1

Lenoir completed as USN AKA 74, C2-S-AJ3
Leo, USN AKA 60, C2-S-B1
Lightning (I), renamed Mormactern, renamed Mercury USN AK42, C2
Lightning (II), C2
Lookout, C2-S-B1
Louise Lykes (I), C2-F
Louise Lykes (II), C2-S-AJ1

Madaket, C2-S-E1
Maiden Creek (I), C2-S-E1
Maiden Creek (II), C2-S-E1
Mandarin, C2-S-B1
Marco Polo laid down as, completed as Mount Hood USN AE 11, C2-S-AJ1
Marquette, USN AKA 95, C2-S-B1
Mary Whitridge, laid down as, completed as Catoctin USN AGC 5, C2-S-B1
Mathews, USN AKA 96, C2-S-B1
Mauna Loa completed as USN AE 8, Navy type C2
Mazama completed as USN AE 9, Navy type C2
Memnon, C2-S-AJ1
Merrick, USN AKA 97, C2-S-B1
Messenger (I), laid down as, completed as Sheridan USN AP 96, C2-S-B1
Messenger (II), C2-S-B1
Meteor (I), laid down as, completed as Electra USN AK 221, C2-T
Meteor (II), C2-S-B1
Midnight (I) renamed Wrangell USN AE 12, C2-S-AJ1
Midnight (II), C2-S-AJ1
Mischief, laid down as, completed as Arneb USN AKA 56, C2-S-B1
Monarch of the Seas, C2-S-B1
Monsoon, laid down as, completed as Eldorado USN AGC 11, C2-S-AJ1
Montague, USN AKA 98, C2-S-B1
Mormacdove (I), renamed Alchiba USN AK 23, C2
Mormacgull (I), renamed Alcyone USN AK 24, C2
Mormachawk (I), renamed Arcturus USN AK 18, reclassified AKA 1, C2
Mormaclark (I), C2
Mormacwren (I) renamed Algorab USB AK 25, C2
Morning Light, C2-S-B1
Morning Star, laid down as, completed as Estes USN AGC 12, C2-S-AJ1
Mount Katmai completed as USN AE 16, C2-S-AJ1
Mountain Wave, C2-S-B1
Muliphen, USN AKA 61, C2-S-B1

Nancy Lykes (I), renamed Pollux USN AKS 4, C2-F
Napier, C2-S-AJ2
National Eagle (I) laid down as, completed as Tyson Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
National Eagle (II), C2-S-B1
Neptune's Car, C2-S-B1
New Hanover completed as USN AKA 73, C2-S-AJ3
Nightingale, renamed: Empire Egret, Santa Isabel, Guiding Star, C2
Nonpareil, C2-S-B1
Noonday, C2-S-AJ1
Northern Light (I) laid down as, completed as Pierce USN AP 95, C2-S-B1
Northern Light (II) laid down as, completed as Panamint USN AGC 13, C2-S-AJ1

Ocean Express laid down as, completed as Eugene Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
Ocean Rover, C2-S-B1
Ocean Telegraph, C2-S-B1
Oglethorpe, USN AKA 100, C2-S-B1
Onward, C2-S-AJ1
Oriental, C2-S-B1
Orpheus, C2-S-AJ1
Ottawa completed as USN AKA 101, C2-S-AJ3

Pampero, C2-S-B1
Paricutin completed as USN AE 18, C2-S-AJ1
Pocono completed as USN AGC 16, C2-S-AJ1
Prentiss completed as USN AKA 102, C2-S-AJ3

Queen of the Seas, C2-S-B1

Rainbow (I) laid down as, completed as Ranier (USN AE5) C2-T
Rainbow (II), C2-S-B1
Rankin completed as USN AKA 103, C2-S-AJ3
Raphael Semmes, C2-S-E1
Rapid, C2-S-AJ5
Rattler, C2-S-AJ1
Raven, laid down as, completed as Bellatrix (II) USN AK 20, C2-T
Red Gauntlet, C2-S-AJ1
Red Jacket (I), renamed Santa Monica, Bonita, C2
Red Jacket (II), C2-S-AJ1
Red Rover, C2-S-B1
Resolute, C2-S-AJ1
Reuben Tipton (II), C2-S-AJ1
Ringleader, C2-S-B1
Robin Doncaster, Empire Curlew, C2-S
Robin Hood, laid down as, completed as Belle of the Sea, C2-S-B1
Robin Kettering, renamed Alhena USN AK 26, C2-S
Robin Locksley, C2-S
Robin Sherwood, C2-S
Robin Tuxford, C2-S
Robin Wentley, C2-S
Rocky Mount, USN AGC 3, C2-S-B1
Rolette, USN AKA 99, C2-S-B1
Ruth Lykes, C2-S-AJ1

Santa Ana, C2
Santa Barbara (I), Norseman, C2-S-B1
Santa Barbara (II), C2-S-AJ4
Santa Catalina (I), C2-S-B1
Santa Catalina (II), C2-S-AJ2
Santa Clara, C2-S1-DG2
Santa Cecilia (I), Silver Star, C2-S-B1
Santa Cecilia (II), C2-S-AJ4
Santa Elisa (I), C2-G
Santa EIisa (II), C2-S-AJ2
Santa Ines, C2-S-AJ2
Santa Isabel, C2-S-AJ4
Santa Leonor, C2-S-AJ1
Santa Luisa, C2-S-AJ4
Santa Margarita (I), Alboni, C2-S-B1
Santa Margarita (II), C2-S-AJ4
Santa Maria (I), Cherubim, C2-S-B1
Santa Maria (II), C2-S-AJ4
Santa Monica, C2-S1-DG2
Santa Rita (I), C2-G
Santa Rita (II), C2-S-AJ2
Santa Sofia, C2-S1-DG2
Santa Teresa, C2
Sea Nymph, C2-S-AJ1
Sea Serpent, C2
Sea Witch, C2
Seminole completed as USN AKA 104, C2-S-AJ3
Sheliak, USN AKA 62, C2-S-B1
Shooting Star (I), renamed Lassen USN AE 3, C2
Shooting Star (II), C2
Shoshone completed as USN AKA 65, C2-S-AJ3
Simoon, C2-S-AJ1
Sirocco, C2-S-AJ1
Skagit completed as USN AKA 105, C2-S-AJ3
Southampton completed as USN AKA 66, C2-S-AJ3
Sovereign of the Seas, C2-S-B1
SparklingWave, C2-S-B1
Spitfire (I), laid down as, completed as Capricornus USN AKA 57, C2-S-B1
Spitfire (II), C2-S-B1
Stag Hound (I), renamed Aldebaran USN AF 10, C2
Stag Hound (II), C2
Stag Hound (III), C2-S-AJ1
Starlight, USN AP 175, renamed Badger State which was lost carrying bombs and rockets to Vietnam, C2-S-AJ1
Starr completed as USN AKA 67, C2-S-AJ3
Stella Lykes (II), C2-S-AJ1
Stokes completed as USN AKA 68, C2-S-AJ3
Storm King, USN AP 171, C2-S-AJ1
Sturdy Beggar, C2-S-AJ1
Suffolk completed as USN AKA 69, C2-S-AJ3
Surprise (I) laid down as, completed as Kilauea USN AE 4, C2
Surprise (II), C2
Sweepstakes (I) laid down as, completed as Procyon USN AK 19, C2
Sweepstakes (II), C2-S-AJ1

Taconic completed as USN AGC 17, C2-S-AJ1
Talisman, C2-S-AJ1
Tate completed as USN AKA 70, C2-S-AJ3
Teton, completed as USN AGC 14; laid down as Witch of the Wave C2-S-AJ1
Theenim, USN AKA 63, C2-S-B1
Thuban, USN AK 68, C2-S-B1
Titan, C2-S-B1
Todd completed as USN AKA 71, C2-S-AJ3
Tolland completed as USN AKA 64, C2-S-AJ3
Topa Topa (I) completed as Graffias USN AF 29, C2-S-E1
TopaTopa (II), C2-S-E1
Tornado laid down as, completed as Sue Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
Torrance completed as USN AKA 76, C2-S-AJ3
Towner completed as USN AKA 77, C2-S-AJ3
Trade Wind, C2-S-B1 (R)
Trego completed as USN AKA 78, C2-S-AJ3
Trousdale completed as USN AKA 79, C2-S-AJ3
Twilight (I), laid down as, completed as Ormsby USN AP 94, C2-S-B1
Twilight (II), C2-S-B1
Typhoon, C2-S-B1
Tyrrell completed as USN AKA 80, C2-S-AJ3

Union completed as USN AKA 106, C2-S-AJ3

Valencia completed as USN AKA 81, C2-S-AJ3
Velma Lykes, C2-S-AJ1
Venango completed as USN AKA 82, C2-S-AJ3
Vermilion completed as USN AKA 107, C2-S-AJ3
Vinton completed as USN AKA 83, C2-S-AJ3
Virgo, USN AK 69, C2-S-B1

Wacosta, C2-S-E1
War Hawk, C2-S-B1
Warrior, C2-S-E1
Washburn completed as USN AKA 108, C2-S-AJ3
Water Witch, C2-S-B1
Waukesha, C2-S-AJ3
West Wind, C2-S-B1
Westward Ho, C2-S-B1
Wheatland completed as USN AKA 85, C2-S-AJ3
Whirlwind, C2-S-B1
Whistler, C2-S-AJ5
White Falcon, C2-S-AJ1; converted to container ship; renamed Mayaguez which was captured by Cambodians in May 1975
White Squall, C2-S-AJ1
White Swallow, C2-S-B1
Whitley, USN AKA 91, C2-S-B1
Wideawake, C2-S-B1
Wild Pigeon, laid down as, completed as Uvalde USN AKA 88, C2-S-B1
Wild Ranger, C2-S-B1
Wild Rover, C2-S-B1
Wild Wave, C2-S-B1
Winged Arrow, USN AP 170, C2-S-B1
Winged Racer, laid down as, completed as Firedrake USN AE 14, C2-S-AJ1
Wings of the Morning, laid down as, completed as Whiteside USN AKA 90, C2-S-B1
Winston, USN AKA 94, C2-S-B1
Witch of the Wave laid down as, completed as Teton USN AGC 14, C2-S-AJ1
Woodford completed as USN AKA 86, C2-S-AJ3
Wyandot, USN AKA 92, C2-S-B1

Yaka, C2-S-E1
Yancey, USN AKA 93, C2-S-B1
Young America, C2-S-B1



Source:From America to United States: The History of the long-range Merchant shipbuilding Programme of the Unites States Maritime Commission (1937-1952 ) Part 2, L.A. Sawyer and W.H.Mitchell London: World Ship Society, 1981.

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